CRM Software

Manage your leads and customers from 1 platform, quickly generate and email proposals

Lead Management and CRM

Our CRM software is still in development, we are currently looking for businesses to use the software at a discounted price (to cover costs) in return for feedback and to help develop the software. If you would like to use our CRM please complete the form by clicking here and we can arrange a demo .

Lead Management

Keep track of all your leads and prospects in one place, create statuses to match you requirements, create and send proposals direct from each lead.


Store additional information about your customers, including detailed notes, tasks and the services you provide to them.

Task Management

Create tasks for yourself or other users, with detailed information and and the functionality to assign to other suers.

PDF Proposals

Build and email PDF proposals direct from a lead or customer, proposals can be customised to match your branding colours.

Lead Management

Manage your leads in one place, and create detailed notes, proposals and tasks asscociated with those lead. Each lead status can be updated quickly, so you can see at what stage each lead is currently at.

Quickly convert your leads into customers ith the click of a button. Any notes, tasks and proposals will also be converted with that lead so you don't lose any valuable information.

Lead Management

Keep track of your Customers

Store important documents on each customers account along with and services that you provide to them. Created detailed note, create tasks and proposals and update a customers status based on your own terminology.

Add your own services as well as the rate you charge to each customer, the overall value of that total is displayed on the dashboard.

Create and send Proposals

Customise your own proposal documents by uploading your logo, a background image and a primary colour. You can then quickly and easily create PDF proposals, include a detailed description of the work provided as well as a breakdown of costs.

Once the PDF has been created you can quickly email it direct to the already selected lead or customer, that proposal will be then marked as sent.

Customise & Send Proposals
Task Management

Keep track of your Tasks

Users can view all the tasks that are assigned to them, with detailed information of the task added by the creator. The status of each task can be updated to reflect the stage it is at in your process.

Customisation to suit your business

Create your own set of statuses for leads, customers and tasks allowing you to easily identify where each element is in your process. Each status is assigned a colour (which you specify), for instant recognition.

Add your own products and services that can be added to customer accounts along with a monetary value, these values are then displayed as a total for each service.

Customise & Send Proposals


We will be constantly updating and improving our CRM, and adding new features over the coming months. Some of these features include: notifications (email, slack, system), project management, support ticketing, document library, e-signatures for documents